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Welcome to our website.  We like to get out and about a bit and see the world, and this is our way of keeping our family and friends up to date with where we are and what we have been up to.   Thanks for visiting. ;o)


June 2011

Still at home in Normandy, still working on the house and gardens.  We've eaten the sheep but still have the two cats, they look a little nervous for some reason!

We have moved into the house now, but just using one bedroom and the main bathroom.  Our old accomodation, The Shed, is still our living room and kitchen. It's taken a lot longer than I'd imagined to get to this point, but I haven't lost heart yet. 

I still haven't uploaded any photo's for ages, nor updated our diary, don't seem to be able to get around to it at the moment, maybe one day soon.  We've had a few problems with French bureaucrats which have caused us a lot of problems, but hopt to have them sorted soon.

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Cheers, Paul and Rita


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Last reported location:-

June 2011 - Home in Normandy 

The intent of this website is to let our families and /friends know what we're up to, it saves us sending long emails to them on a frequent basis which they pretend to read and enjoy.  And it saves us joining up to those crappy social websites.

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Paul and Rita

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