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Having just bought a ruin of a property in Normandy, many people might think this not an ideal time to set forth on a round the world trip.  Well, it seems like an ideal time to us, what with winter fast approaching, the cold wet weather of the European winter is not an ideal time to start work on a building with no doors and windows to speak of, and only a basic roof.  So, go somewhere warmer and come back in spring.  So that's what we're doing.

The pedantic (or should that be pedants?) amongst you will point out that some of places we will be visiting could be just as cold as Europe.  Well, that might be so, but it's the best excuse we could come up with and we're sticking to it. Ideally, we would have left earlier, but we had to hang around for the French legal system to pull its finger out and finalise the purchase of our property.

We're off to see some family and friends in North America, and because the Oneworld Alliance around the world tickets offers 6 flight segments in North America included in the price of the ticket, we thought, well, why not carry on and see a few places in Asia and end up in India again for the rest of winter.

And what about our bikes, I here you ask.  We're not taking our folding Dahon bikes with us this time, as much as we enjoyed having them with us on our last couple of trips, they are a bit of a problem when flying as they take up most of our luggage allowance, and they are prone to getting damaged in the cargo hold.  Also, we have not been able to get spare parts for them,  Our local bike shop has not been able to source parts, and even Dahon themselves have not been bothered to answer any of our emails.  On that basis, I would no longer recommend buying a Dahon bike, you can't get them fixed!


Paul and Rita's World Tour 2006/7

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