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The Moghals verdict on India

Delhi - 8/9/05
Ladakh - 10/9/05
Delhi (again) - 29/10/05
Chandigarh - 1/10/05
Shimla - 3/10/05
Himachal Pradesh - 7/10/05
Uttaranchal - 12/10/05
Uttar Pradesh - 17/10/05
West Bengal - 1/11/05
Orissa - 12/12/05
Andhra Pradesh - 12/1/06
Karnataka - 27/1/06
Tamil Nadu - 22/2/06

After seven months on the road from January to August of this year, many people thought we'd want to get back to England and put our feet up for a while, knowing how hard traveling can be.
Well, they're wrong. In early September we're off to India and neighbouring countries, for about six months.
No fixed itinerary, we're not even sure which countries we'll be visiting, but we fly into Delhi in September and fly back from Madras (Chennai) in March 2006.

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Route map - will be completed as we go

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