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The Moghals

Babur, the founder of the Moghal dynasty in India, was born in Russia, a descendant on the mother's side of Genghis Khan. The Moghals came to dominate Indian politics from Babur's reign and left a legacy of magnificent architecture and a profound impact on culture, society and politics of south Asia.

Babur was used to the delights of Persian gardens and the cool afghan hills and was unimpressed with India.

He wrote in his autobiography: -

Hindustan is a country that has few pleasure to recommend it. The people are not handsome. They have no idea of the charms of friendly society, of frankly mixing together or of familiar intercourse. They have no genius, no comprehension of mind, no politeness of manner, no kindness to fellow feeling, no ingenuity, or mechanical invention in planning or executing their handicraft works, no skill or knowledge of design of fruits, no ice or cold water, no good food or bread in their bazaars, no baths or colleges, no candles, no torches, not a candlestick

Babur brought radical changes and within two generations had become fully at home in their Indian environment.

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