Paul and Rita's Place in France - June 2007


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mildew, rather than blight, so hopefully the other three potato crops we have planted will be be ok, although the third crop looks a bit sorry due to mildew and wind.

The big news of the month, we've got our planning application passed for the main house, so we can start on the extension and other works when we want.  Just got to get all our stuff out of the house so we can start work, which means I have to put a roof on the bakery so we can store our things there.  So Rita has steadily worked away at shoveling al the sh,,,, sorry, manure contained in self same bakery to various strategic points around the farm for future use.  Why Rita? Well, its obviously a gardening job, nothing to do with building.

 See our June photo's for more of what's gone on this month.

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